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"Gear up. Hike. Scratch off. Repeat."

The Hiking Challenge by

Unveil Your Adventures. One Trail at a Time.

Beautifully designed hiking trails progress poster, now starting with Colorado!

Track Your Progress

With our uniquely designed progress posters, mark off each hiking trail as you conquer them. A visual reminder of your adventures and accomplishments, one hike at a time.

Modern & Stylish Decor

Not just a tool for tracking, but a piece of art. Its elegant design and quality finish make it a stunning addition to any room. Show off your passion and progress to anyone who visits your home.

A Tool to Inspire Adventure

We've thought about every detail. Your poster comes with a plastic scratch tool and instructions on using nail polish remover for a clean, smooth finish. Let every scratch inspire your next hiking adventure.

Quality You Can Feel

Made with recyclable materials, our posters ensure not only a premium feel but also a nod to nature that we all love to explore. From the paper quality to the scratch-off experience, we've crafted it all with attention to detail.

How it works

Take on The Hiking Challenge™ with our poster featuring 96 hiking trails. Set a goal to complete all of the hikes within a year, five years, or even a lifetime and start preparing for your next adventure.

As you complete a hike,  use a scratch-tool to scratch off the corresponding location on the poster.  You’ll reveal a beautiful design that serves as a visual record of your journey.

With each location you visit, the poster will come to life with a collage of your outdoor experiences. It’s a perfect way to relive the memories and inspire your next adventure.

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Introducing The Hiking Challenge™ our USA hiking trail scratch-off posters! These posters feature illustrated hiking trails from each and every state in the USA, As you hike each trail, simply scratch it off the poster to reveal a beautiful illustration. These posters are perfect for hikers of all levels and make a great addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s collection. Keep track of your progress, plan your next adventure, and display your accomplishments all in one place. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting out, our posters are a fun and unique way to explore the great outdoors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the beauty of the United States one trail at a time. Sign up for our  newsletter to get notified when posters with your state are available.

The Hiking Challenge is designed to...

Use as a encouragement to get outside and explore new hiking trails and destinations

 help you building a sense of accomplishment as you wipe off trails you have completed, and keeps track of your progress in a fun and visual way

Inspire you to do physical activity and making healthy habits

Be as a great way to motivate and inspire friends and family to join you on your hiking adventures

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